Bette Alexander lives and works in Manhattan, and also maintains a home/studio in rural upstate New York. She has been painting since age 16, when she saw El Greco’s “View of Toledo” and realized that painting was her life’s work.  She is currently working with mixed media including oil sticks, oil paint, ink, and water color on paper.

Bette draws every week from the model, or did before the Covid pandemic, and loves to be inspired by travel. Her paintings of religious figures at the Timkat ceremony, three thumbnails at bottom right, followed a trip to Ethiopia. She is also inspired by contemporary society as witnessed in such darker works as “Searching for a Country” and her various pandemic-time pieces. She creates both figurative and abstract images, and has a love of texture and markings.

In 2009-2010 she was selected to be an Artists Fellow at the Educational Alliance at the 14th Street Y, NYC. Part of her time was spent studying Pardes, or as the Talmud would have it, ancient mystical gardens and esoteric interpretations. Many of her tree and garden pictures are based around those ideas.