COMING IN FALL 2022, a book about Alexander’s art.  THE MUSIC IN US, published by Chin Music Press. “… a fascinating journey  through Alexander’s middle and late career.”

Bette Alexander lives and works in Manhattan, and also maintains a home/studio in rural Upstate New York. She has been painting since age 16, when she saw El Greco’s “View of Toledo” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and realized that painting was her life’s calling.  She works using oil sticks, oil paint, ink, and water color on paper.

Bette draws regularly from the model, or did before the Covid pandemic, and loves to be inspired by travel. Her paintings of religious figures at the Timkat ceremony, for example, followed a trip to Ethiopia (see portfolio). A profoundly empathetic social observer, she explores in her artworks the ways we relate to nature, culture and each other.